It is most important to have a good toilet for your home. I have made a  list of best toilets reviews so you can decide easily. As strange as it may seem toilets, despite being one of the most frequently used parts of the house receive very little attention. Most people don’t even think twice before buying one.

As long as it fits the space and is compatible with the existing plumbing, it’s good to go. Isn’t it?

Best Toilets

The fact is that you should not look for anything beyond the best toilets for your home. And you have no dearth of choices either. Toilets have evolved and how!

Today, they are available in a bunch of colors and shapes which can be aesthetic, are functional and even be a specialized one depending on whether you have an elderly person at home or one who is physically challenged.

Have you heard about the ones that glow in the dark yet? Oh yes, that’s for the elderly who often struggle to find the pot in the dark.

However, most homeowners who venture to shop for the best toilets are completely thrown off by all the technical details and jargon that is often thrown around by salesman. And in the process, they end up buying cheap toilets that are overpriced or one that is uncomfortable to sit on.

That’s where I step in folks. I will cut through the clutter and bring you the best toilets in the market.

Having been in the business for over a decade now, I have had hands-on (no pun intended) experience with most of the best rated toilets and what I am about to share here are my personal recommendations. These toilet reviews are not necessarily rated in the order that they are placed in the list. Each one has its own share of features, pros and cons which will be highlighted later in the blog.

Top 10 Best Toilets of 2024

ImageProduct DetailsPriceMy Ratings
American Standard Colony$$$7/10
TOTO Drake Toilet$$$9/10
American Standard Champion-4$$$7/10
TOTO Ultramax II$$$10/10
American Standard H2Option$$$9/10
KOHLER Santa Rosa$$$9/10
Niagara Stealth Toilet$$$7/10
TOTO Drake Elongated$$$9/10
KOHLER K-3817-0 Memoirs$$$7/10
TOTO Eco Soiree$$$8/10

A lot of people after reading this shoot me an email asking why I recommend these toilets. Well, that’s a very valid question. Here’s my answer.

#1 – American Standard 221CA.004.020 Colony 12-Inch Toilet Combo, White

American Standard has been around for more than 140 years now and for me, they have largely been synonymous with kitchenware and bathroom products in the United States. So, it was quite natural to start this list with one of their best offerings, the Colony 12-inch toilet combo.Top rated toilets

This is a very beautifully designed toilet from their colony range of toilets that look contemporary and easily blend in with a range of décor themes.

Along with the pleasing design and a comfortable seating, the American Standard Colony has an integrated flush that boasts of features like a 2 inch wide trap way and a 2 inch flush valve. The result is a very powerful flushing system that ensures that what goes in, stays in.

Also, there’s a power rim function incorporated into it that scrubs the toilet every time you flush it.

The water surface area is approximately 9 inches x 8 inches which almost covers the entire bowl. You can be rest assured that a single flush will suffice to clean it completely.

The bowl is constructed from vitreous china and is also available in linen and bone color. At about 14 inches from the floor, it is perfect for people of all heights.


  • Contemporary design
  • Easy installation
  • Available in three colors
  • Constructed from vitreous china
  • Siphon Action bowl with a wide trap way
  • Large water area for complete cleaning


  • No dual flushing system

Final word: Most of American Standard’s range are flawlessly designed and will last for years without any problem. The Colony 12 inch toilet is no different. However, if you are looking for something that conserves water, then take a look at some of the other options in this list.

#2 – TOTO CST744SG#01 Drake 2-Piece Toilet with Elongated Bowl and Sanagloss

For those who are unaware, TOTO is a Japanese corporation and the world’s largest manufacturer of toilets. And as we are well aware, the Japanese are more adept at handling Godzilla and his friends than the rest of the world.Toto toilets

Toto’s toilets will flush away everything that you throw in it in one single flush. That’s coming from personal experience. My 8 year old son can take a dump that’s nearly as big as him and one flush is all that it takes for it to disappear into the bowl.

There are not even skid marks or splatters left.

I believe that it is partly because of the SanaGloss technology that TOTO uses in its toilet bowls which gives it a very high gloss smooth finish. The inside of the bowl is coated with an ion barrier glazing that gets refreshed every time you flush it.

The Drake range of toilets from Toto has an elongated design that makes for a very comfortable seating. Also, this has a wider 3 inch flush valve than the American Standard Colony toilet. This results in a more powerful flush without wasting any additional water.

The rim is approximately 14.625-Inches above the ground without the seat.


  • Beautifully designed toilet in cotton white finish
  • Glazed exterior
  • SanaGloss Interior with ion barrier glazing
  • Wider flush valve for a more powerful flush
  • Cleans without splatter marks every single time
  • Quiet flushing and refill


  • None that I could find so far

Final Word: With a stunning design, the sanagloss coating and the powerful flushing system, the Toto Drake 2 piece toilet is a great choice for bathrooms of all sizes. If you are looking for something that doesn’t clog or take multiple flushes to clean, you have just found it. It also has excellent toilet reviews from customers.

#3 – American Standard 2034.014.020 Champion-4 Right Height One-Piece Elongated Toilet

If you prefer the ease of installation that comes with single piece toilets, then you will love this one from American Standard’s champion range. This is a one-piece toilet (tank and bowl are a single piece) and has a slightly elongated seat which is more comfortable to sit on.American Standard Champion 4

Like all other toilets from American Standard, the Champion-4 one is available in three different colors, White, Linen and Bone.

Also, this is an ADA (American Disabilities Act) compatible toilet bowl that has a height of approximately 16.5 inches without the seat. Hence the term ‘Right Height’ in the name! For elderly or tall people, this is welcome respite from the 14 inch tall toilets that make for a very uncomfortable sitting position.

The quality is top notch. This is a mid-range toilet from American Standard that has a bunch of additional features which make it easier to clean and maintain. For starters, it comes with an EverClean surface that remains impervious to mold, mildew and bacterial growth on it. Even after years of use, the color remains intact.

Secondly, it has a 2-3/8-inch trapway which is undoubtedly, the largest in the industry. Once again, one of the parts of the toilet that doesn’t receive as much importance as it should. According to some independent tests run by AS, they have been able to find that this can move a mass that is 70% more than a standard sized trapway.

Add to this an extremely powerful 4-inch piston action accelerator flushing system and you have a winner on your hands.


  • Easy installation
  • Single piece construction
  • Stylish elongated design
  • ADA compatible Right Height Seat
  • 4-inch piston action accelerator flush valve
  • EverClean glazed surface
  • Ten year Warranty


  • The only possible downside is that the water bowl doesn’t fill up all the way during the flushing and this leaves skid marks on some of the sides especially, if you don’t aim right while taking a dump

Final Word: Top quality construction, ADA compatible and one of the most powerful flushing systems in the market, picking this is a no-brainer really. You cannot go wrong with the American Standard Champion-4.

#4 – TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 Ultramax II Het Double Cyclone Elongated One Piece Toilet with Sanagloss, Cotton White

Toto’s Ultramax-II is one of their most popular models with top notch toilet reviews that has a single-piece streamlined design and a double cyclone flushing system to tackle those aircraft carrier sized masses.

Top Toto toiletsIt retains the ever-so-popular SanaGloss tech that is now a standard across all the best toilets from Toto.

The design looks sleek and contemporary and it has a 16-1/8-Inch rim height without the seat which is the same as the Right Height Champion-4 from AS.

To add to it, this is a high efficiency toilet (HET) that uses only 1.28 gallons per flush. A normal toilet uses 1.6 gallons instead and if you are concerned about it not cleaning the bowl, then wait till you use it. Toto adds a large 3” flush valve that powers the water through the bowl from three directions resulting in a sparkling clean bowl.

The trapway is 2-1/8 inches in diameter which is not as wide as the Champion-4 but works flawlessly with the flushing system and the glazed surface on the Toto Ultramax-II.

Despite being called a Double Cyclone flush, it is incredibly quiet during operation and refills. Takes about 10 seconds to go from empty to full and you are set to flush again if need be.


  • Sleek and streamlined single piece design
  • Perfect rim height at 16 1/8 inches
  • High efficiency toilet that uses only 1.28 gallons per flush
  • 3 inch wide flushing valve for a more powerful flush
  • 2 1/8 inch wide trapway
  • SanaGloss Coating


  • Well, it’s not really a con but you have to be careful while cleaning any of TOTO’s toilets with a SanaGloss coating. If you use anything caustic on it, the coating peels off pretty soon and then just about anything that you put into the bowl will stick on it.

Final Word: The Ultramax II is the first HET toilet in this list. It comes with TOTO’s durable construction and a powerful flushing system to boot. Cannot ask for more!

#5 – American Standard H2Option Normal Height Elongated Toilet

This is a classic from American Standard. It is the H2Option elongated toilet that is available in both, a normal height design as well as a right height model.American Standard H2Option Siphonic

It is nothing fancy. Just a good old fashioned good looking toilet that will blend right into your existing décor theme!

It has a two part design with a separate bowl and a tank. The tank incorporates a dual flushing system which is pretty much a pre-requisite these days. A gentle half press release 0.92 gallons of water which is sufficient to clean liquid waste and full press releases 1.28 gallons of water which removes solids. This one the best flushing toilet.

Despite being a low water consuming (HET) toilet, the siphonic technology ensures that a single flush is enough to clean the bowl completely. It also has a pressurized rim chamber which the company calls PowerWash. This results in a stronger and more powerful stream of water in the bowl that eliminates any stains or skid marks. This is one of the lesser known parts of a toilet.

Unlike a wash down flush, the water spot is almost 9 inches x 8 inches in size which results in efficient cleaning.

Like most other toilets in their range, the American Standard H2Option is coated with an EverClean surface that retains its glossy finish even years later.

Priced just under $280, the American Standard H2Option is a budget-priced option that works much better than cheap toilets.


  • Classic and elegant design
  • Available in normal and right height sizes
  • Dual flushing system
  • HET
  • Siphonic technology for fast cleaning
  • Pressurized rim chamber


  • Some people find that it leaves stains on the sides. Maybe it’s because of the low water consumption. But those complaints are only voiced by a handful of customers. Overall, it has a great customer rating.

Final Word: If you were looking for toilet prices at the lower end of the price range, then this is one of your best choices.

#6 – KOHLER 3810-0 Santa Rosa Comfort Height Toilet with AquaPiston Flush Technology

Finally, we have a Kohler in the list of best toilets. The Wisconsin based manufacturer that is renowned for its stunning designs makes an impressive debut in this list with their Santa Rosa Comfort Height Toilet.

KOHLER Santa Rosa This is one of the best rated toilets in the business.

Comfort Height stands for the height of a standard-sized chair which makes it extremely easy to sit as well as stand up for people of all ages.

This is a single-piece toilet with an elongated seat. However, Kohler manages to design it so beautifully that it is almost similar to a rounded-seat toilet in its dimensions. This allows you to install this even in a smallish space.

The shape of the toilet is different from conventional ones. It has a pear drop shaped design that looks elegant and stylish. You can install this in any décor theme, old or new.

The Santa Rosa is integrated with Kohler’s AquaPiston flush engine which delivers a powerful stream of water from all directions ensuring that everything is completely flushed out. It does not even leave skid marks or stains in the bowl.

It does not have fancy coatings or a glazed surface. But the cleaning is top notch. Great toilet reviews too for this one!

Also, this is a water efficient toilet that only uses 1.28 gallons per flush.


  • Beautiful and stylish design
  • Compact Toilet with small sized elongated bowl
  • Aquapiston flushing system for a thorough cleaning
  • 28 gallons per liter only
  • Includes a seat and a lid


  • The toilet seat included in the package is not a soft closing one. It is a simple old styled toilet seat and if you want a soft closing one instead, then you will have to buy that separately.

Final Word: Kohler’s innovative design is a wonderful addition to any living space. It saves water too and cleans as good as any in the business. Great price tag as well!

#7 – Niagara Stealth 0.8 GPF Toilet with Elongated Bowl and Tank Combo

Niagara has been a new toilet but impressive entrant into the market that is otherwise dominated by a few companies. One of the reasons why they have managed to garner a lot of positive reviews from customers and experts alike is due to their stealth technology which utilizes just 0.8 gallons of water per flush.

That is the lowest water consumption in any toilet in the world.Niagara Stealth

In fact, a lot of people are taken aback and wonder whether it is enough to clean the bowl.

But make no mistake, the Niagara Stealth does a brilliant job in cleaning. They have a vacuum assisted flushing system that enhances the force of the water and pushes the waste through the trapway. It leaves no stains or marks on the bowl.

Also, the tank features a Fluidmaster 400A Fill Valve that cuts out the sound of the water refilling the tank. Most people wouldn’t even realize that the tank has filled again.

The design is conventional. It is a two-piece toilet with an elongated seat in pure white. The rim is about 16.5 inches above the ground without the seat which makes it just right for sitting and getting up easily.

Thankfully, there are no flappers which translate into fewer parts of a toilet to replace and less chances of leaks to fix.


  • Stealth Technology which virtually cuts out all noise of the tank refilling
  • Uses only 0.8 gallons of water per flush
  • Efficient gravity assisted cleaning
  • Comfortable rim height of 16.5 inches above the ground


  • Despite all the positive reviews, there’s always someone who has a gripe with the way a flush cleans the bowl. So, we have had a few customers rant about the Niagara Stealth requiring multiple flushes to clean the bowl. But those have been extremely rare. So, I wouldn’t consider it a deal breaker by a long shot.

Final Word: If you are looking for a water-efficient toilet for your home, there’s no better choice than the Niagara Stealth. To top it, it is priced similar to cheap toilets, is extremely silent and very efficient too.

#8 – TOTO Drake Elongated Bowl and Tank, Cotton White

My next pick in this list is a budget priced new toilet from TOTO. This is a two piece toilet from their Drake range which has a contemporary design, a powerful flushing system and yet is priced under $220 making it an absolute steal.

TOTO DrakeThe TOTO Drake is an elongated seat toilet and is 14.5 inches only above the ground. If you prefer a more conventional height, for example, 16.5 inches or so, then you’d want to check out the other TOTO toilet in this list of best toilets.

It features TOTO’s G-Max flushing system that is extremely quiet but incredibly powerful. The wider 3 inch flushing valve delivers a powerful water stream that flushes out even large sized waste mass. Enhancing this further is a computer-designed 2 1/8 inch glazed trap way that prevents stains from being left behind.

However, the G-Max system is a conventional flushing system that utilizes 1.6 gallons per flush. If there are regulations in your state that warrant the use of an HET system that utilizes 1.28 gallons only, then you the the TOTO drake is not the best choice for you. You can however, pick from one of the other HET flushing toilets in this list.


  • Unbeatable pricing
  • Simple elongated seat design
  • G-Max flushing system
  • 3 inch wide flushing valves
  • 2 1/8 inch glazed trap way
  • TOTO’s proven performance


  • Like some of other models from TOTO, there have been a few problems with the fill valve that typically arises after a few years of use. But according to me, it doesn’t need to be replaced. Some servicing usually suffices and restores it to its prior glory.

Final Word: The TOTO drake offers the best value and most powerful flushing system at this price point. Coming from TOTO, you can be rest assured of the quality too.

#9 – KOHLER K-3817-0 Memoirs Stately Comfort Height Two-Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF Toilet with AquaPiston Flush Technology

You’ve got to hand it to Kohler for creating some of the best designed toilets in the world. This one has hints of ancient Victorian architecture. It is called the Stately design and is part of Kohler’s memoir collection.KOHLER Memoirs Stately

The Memoirs Stately new Toilet is available in a bunch of colors including White, almond, biscuit, black, ice gray and sandbar. It is a two piece design with an elongated seat and a stylish looking tank which also retains the heritage design on the lid.

All of these colors have a high gloss finish that does not get stained or get affected by mold even after years of use. The flush knob has a polished silver finish which contrasts against the muted hues of the tank.

This is a comfort height toilet which is Kohler’s signature design that keeps the height of the seat akin to a standard chair. By the way, that height is 16.5 inches which is the same as the ‘Right Height’ used by American Standard for their toilets.

Integrated into the Stately, is an Aquapiston flushing system which when clubbed with the flawlessly designed trap way create a siphoning effect that flushes out waste completely. The AquaPiston releases water from 360 degrees into the bowl that also eliminates stains.


  • Beautifully designed with hints of Victorian architecture
  • Elongated bowl for comfortable seating
  • Comfort height design at 16.5 inches for easy sitting and standing
  • Eco friendly flush with only 1.28 gallons used per flush
  • AquaPiston Flushing technology that creates a siphoning effect
  • Durable


  • None that I could find.

Final Word: The stately blends perfectly into a retro inspired décor theme. In a modern one, it creates a welcome contrast with its architectural lines. Not to mention that it has a powerful flushing system as well.

#10 – TOTO Eco Soiree Elongated One Piece Toilet with Chrome Plated Sanagloss

As a fitting finale to this list that has largely been dominated by American Standards and TOTO, we have the TOTO Eco Soiree, an elegant one piece toilet that is a perfect mélange of form and function.

TOTO Eco Soiree Like everything else TOTO, it boasts of a beautifully designed skirted bowl that saves space and will fit right into bathrooms of all sizes.

It is ADA compliant with respect to the bowl height and width. However, you will have to ensure that the trip lever is positioned on the side that the toilet is approached from. Out of the box, it is installed on the left of the tank.

The bowl is made of vitreous china and features TOTO’s Sanagloss coating which has now been changed to CeFiONtec in the company lingo. Either ways, it is one and the same thing, a highly glossy finish on the trap way that enhances the effectiveness of the flushing system.

Integrated into the design is TOTO’s Tornado flush system which is in effect a double flush that separates the water into two powerful streams that clean everything from the rim. It uses just 1.28 gallons and is compatible with regulations in all states in the US.


  • Elegant one piece design with a skirted bowl
  • ADA compliant height
  • Vitreous china construction
  • TOTO’s sanagloss coating
  • Wide trap way
  • Tornado flush system with a double flush
  • 28 gallons of water only


  • There are no cons for the TOTO Eco Soiree except the fact that you will have to gentle with the cleaning. Even the slightest use of caustic products will damage the coating completely.

Final Word: The ECO Soiree with its ADA compliant design and one piece construction is among the finest from TOTO. The powerful flushing system and low water consumption make it perfect for both home as well as commercial use.

Renovating your bathroom is not something that you’d do frequently. In all probability, the last time you undertook such an exercise was a couple of decades ago and the technology has undergone a sea of change in this time.

So, it is quite normal to be confused while reviewing the best toilets. To that end, here’s a brief buying guide that covers the basics of what factors to consider while making a choice.

How to pick the best toilets for your home

If you were to pick a toilet based on the jargon that is commonly thrown around by sales guys, you’d only end up being confused. In a real world set up, you’d want to know the practical details, like the design, the installation method, and the amount of water it utilizes per flush and how effective it is to clean the bowl.

That’s exactly what you should consider while deciding on which one to buy.

The Design

When one talks about the design, a lot of people confuse it with the shape of the bowl. Those are two entirely different things though. The design determines how the toilet is shaped, how it is installed in the bathroom and how the flushing system is integrated into it.

Let’s check out some of the popular toilet designs.

1) Close Coupled or Two-piece Toilet: Also known as the two-piece toilet, this type of toilet contains a separate flush tank and a bowl. Typically, the flush is mounted above the toilet. However, some newer models also mount it to the side of the bowl especially, if there is lack of space above it.

Pros: A two piece toilet is the most commonly used toilet in the world. It is easy to install, is available in a plethora of shapes, sizes, colors and prices and has a very easy installation that will not require you to make major changes to the existing plumbing.

Cons: Two piece toilets have separate parts which translate into gaps between the cistern and the tank. This can be a germ haven and you will need to spend some time in the upkeep.

2) One Piece Toilets: One piece toilets have a sleek and contemporary appearance. They are identical to the two piece toilet in their form and function. The only difference is that it is a single seamless unit which is easier to clean. 

Pros: Easy installation, multiple choices in shape, color and size. 

Cons: Can be pricier than two piece toilets.

3) Wall Mounted Toilets: Wall mounted toilets are usually preferred in small bathrooms with limited space.

Pros: The design is very eye pleasing.

Cons: However, the plumbing is cumbersome since the tank is concealed inside the wall.

Shape of the bowl

The Shape of the bowl is undoubtedly, one of the most important aspects of the design of a toilet. It affects comfort, the amount of space occupied by the toilet and most importantly, the aesthetics. There are two main types of bowls that are commonly used in toilets.

    • The Round Bowl: Round bowl toilets are the classic styled ones that has largely remained unchanged over the years. It has a snub-nose styled design and is ideal for all types of décor themes.
    • The Elongated Bowl: Elongated bowl toilets have a more contemporary design and a longer seating area. It is considered to be more comfortable than a round bowl toilet. The caveat is that it can take more space for installation. A lot of newer toilet models have thinned the gap between a round bowl and an elongated bowl toilet and it is completely possible to get an elongated bowl that fits into a compact space too. There are also some good corner toilet with elongated bowl.
YouTube video

The Flushing system

Any toilet, no matter how good it looks is only as good as the efficiency of the flushing system. If the flushing system is ineffective, you will waste a lot more water and will probably be spending a lot of time clearing clogs with plungers and snaking it.

The effectiveness of a flush can be determined by the amount of water it utilizes, the technology it uses to flush out the waste and the level of the water bowl which will remove stains and marks.

  • Gravity Fed system: A gravity fed system creates a siphon like action using natural gravity which enhances the effectiveness of the flush. Gravity fed flushing systems when clubbed with a wide trap way are very effective in cleaning.
  • Pressure assisted flushes: Pressure assisted flushes use a sealed tank to build up air pressure which is then released into the bowl. Pressure assisted flushes release a stronger stream of water than gravity fed systems and will remove stains a lot better.
  • Dual flushing systems: Dual flushing systems conserve water by releasing a limited amount of water when the lever is pressed half way. This is typically used for cleaning liquid waste. Upon pressing the lever all the way, it will release all the water in the tank and is used for cleaning solid waste.
  • High Efficiency Toilets: High Efficiency Toilets are now compulsorily required by some states and only consume 1.28 gallons of water per flush whereas conventional flushes use 1.6 gallons at least.
  • Wide flush valves: The flush valves in a toilet vary greatly in size. Some can be as wide as 4 inches whereas others are quite narrow at 2 inches. The wider the flush valve, more powerful the flow of water into the bowl and more efficiently it cleans it.

Other features To keep in mind when picking one of those 10 best toilets.

Modern toilets have tons of other features that are intended to increase comfort. For example, soft closing seats will prevent the annoying slamming sound that results from the seat being closed. This can be a very useful feature if you are concerned about your sleep being disturbed at night. Comfort height seats allow people of all ages to sit and get up from the seat easily. Silent flushes work almost in a stealth mode with minimal noise during flushing and refills.

But none of these should be considered as deal breakers. As long as it ticks all the other boxes, you can consider buying the toilet.

Toilet Jargon Debunked

As simple as it may seem, understanding toilet lingo isn’t easy. Especially, if you are new to the tech or if it is the first time that you are venturing to shop for it. Terms like ADA and Water Sense will seem like gobbledygook for the first timer.

So, I figured that this was the right time to demystify some of the jargon that you may come across in this article.

  • ADA: ADA stands for the American Disability Act which has created a set of recommendations for the toilet for making it accessible and usable by disabled people. However, an ADA compliance is also very useful if you are living with elderly people. For a toilet to be ADA compatible, the height of the rim from the ground must be 17 inches at least and not more than 19 inches. Along with this, it must also contain a lever release mechanism in the same direction from which the toilet is approached.
  • Rough In: The Rough-In stands for the distance from the wall to the center of the waste line. The standard rough-in size is 12 inches. But some toilets can accommodate a rough in from 12 to 14 inches without making plumbing changes. But some toilets can accommodate a rough in from 12 to 14 inches without making plumbing changes.
  • Glazed Finishes: Different brands use different terms for the glazed coating that they give to their toilets, especially near the trap way. TOTO for example, calls it Sanagloss while American Standard calls it EverClean. This is intended to make the toilet easier to clean and to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. A glazed trap way is also less likely to have skid marks after flushing.
  • Water Sense: Water Sense is an EPA program intended for water conservation. It is estimated that almost 24% of the water used in an American household is flushed down the toilet. To reduce this, the EPA rates toilets as Water Sense compatible if they utilize less than 1.26 gallons of water per flush.

That’s it folks. I have covered the best toilets in the market in this list and mentioned the pros and cons of each one without mincing words. There are ADA compatible toilets, cheap toilets, high end ones as well as water efficient toilets. Irrespective of whether you are looking for a toilet for your home or for a commercial space, this list will help you narrow down on the best one. If you need any further assistance, feel free to reach out to me using the contact us section on the site. Until next time, Adios!