Should You Get A Black Toilet?

If you are tired of the same old white toilet in your bathroom and would want to add some sizzle, then having a black toilet is the way to go. There is something definitely sexy about a black toilet. It’s not just the color but the way it presents itself in the bathroom. With a white toilet, it is quite predictable. For decades, people had white toilets. Yes, there is the occasional pink or cream colored toilet, but they are not that much different from white. On the other hand, black is much more mysterious and you will definitely get a reaction from your guests.

Many of the popular makers of toilets do offer toilets in a variety of colors including black. This site will feature some of the more popular toilet seat

If you are not looking to get a black toilet, you may consider getting a black toilet seat. It may not have the same impact as having a black toilet but at least it is a bit of a change up.

There are concerns that having a black toilet can reveal a lot of dust and toilet paper particles thus it would require more cleaning. This is true but it will also hide some of the other “stuff” that you can expect to find with a white toilet. For some people, they may get aggressive with their wiping which results in brown particles peppering the area near the back of the toilet seat. It’s plain as day with a white toilet but not so obvious with a black one. Another thing that you won’t see very well is the streaks that may appear when someone discharges pasty fecal matter. The next person that comes in won’t be completely freak out.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to clean the toilet as much since the “stuff” is still there. It’s just that it won’t freak out your guests.

List of Best Black Toilets :-

ImageProduct DetailsPriceBuy Now
Toto drake black toiletTOTO CST743S#51 Drake$$$Check Price at Amazon
Kohler K 3987 Wellworth blackKOHLER K-3987-7 Wellworth$$$Check Price at Amazon
KOHLER K-3812-7 Memoirs Comfort BlackKOHLER K-3812-7 Memoirs$$$$Check Price at Amazon
TOTO Eco Soiree black toiletTOTO MS964214CEF#51 Eco Soiree$$$Check Price at Amazon
KOHLER 3810-7 Santa Rosa BlackKOHLER 3810-7 Santa Rosa$$$Check Price at Amazon

What to Look for in a  Black Toilet?

There is a great article at Toilet Reviews that goes into detail on how to find the right toilet for you. It doesn’t matter the color, if you follow these basic recommendations, you should be able to find the right toilet for your home.

The Right Type and Size

The obvious tip is to find a toilet that is roughly the same type, and size as your current one. There are different types of toilets like the classic gravity toilet,  power assist toilet, and vacuum assist toilet. If the one that you currently have gave you great service, then you should stick to it. Trying a different one may not work well in your home or you may end up spending more than necessary.

An Efficient Flush

In this age of conservation and environmental efficiency, you want to get a toilet that can give you the maximum flush without using a lot of water. A toilet that uses 1.28 gpf (gallons per flush) is the one that is usually recommended since they are the most effective. Another option is to get a dual flush toilet which allows you to do a 1.28 gpf when you do the number two and a more lightweight flush when you do the number one.

The quality of the flush is another factor that you have to look into. Even though a toilet can flush, it doesn’t mean that it can get rid everything at once.  This comes into play with 1.28 gpf models. Since they don’t use as much water as the old 3-plus gallon types, the design will determine how effective each flush will be. If you need to flush more than once to get rid of the monster buffet you had the night before, you won’t be saving money.

Height and Style

Other factors to look into when looking for a new toilet is the height and style of the toilet. Most toilets are about 15 inches from floor to the top of the seat but if you are getting up there in age and don’t have little kids around, then getting a higher one can be an option. As for style, you can either choose a round toilet or an elongated toilet. If the size of your bathroom is not an issue, then you can choose either one based on your preference. Like the height of your toilet, if you are getting up there in age or have a disability, the elongated toilet is the way to go.

Getting It Installed

Once you have found the right toilet, the next thing is to make sure that you can get it properly installed in your home. The most convenient option is to go to your local home improvement center to see if they can offer you a complete package of toilet, seat, and installation.

Getting a new toilet can be a wonderful experience. Getting a black toilet can be life changing.

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