Kohler Santa Rosa Toilet Review

Having installed my fair share of toilets, I thought I should do a proper review of the one piece that stands out to me: the Kohler Santa Rosa. This toilet comes in white, which is the standard color for toilets, and it has the standard left-hand trip for flushing. The manufacturer incorporates both the tank and the bowl in the same piece to make installation a breeze.kohler Santa Rosa review

Product specifications

  • This product measures L27-3/4″, H 28-3/16″, and W 18-3/4″ and weighs 100lbs
  • It has the standard left-hand trip lever and only available in white.
  • Holding capacity is 1.28 gallons per flush.
  • It has a chair-height elongated seat for comfortable sitting.
  • It has the tank and bowl incorporated in the seat piece for easy installation.
  • The seat and lid are included in the package.
  • It comes with a one-year limited warranty.

A Detailed Kohler Santa Rosa Review

While this toilet set is a looker, it is an even better performer with its water-saving technology. It meets EPA flushing guidelines by using 20% less water than your standard toilet and it does all this without compromising performance. It also meets water-saving requirements for CALGreen and you could qualify for rebates depending on our location – all information on rebates is on the product guide.

As a plumber, I prefer products that contain all I need for installation in the box so I don’t have to buy parts separately and risk compatibility. This box contains almost everything you need including a wax ring, the floor hardware, the wash ring, and bolts.  I especially like the technology featured on the Grip-Tight Cachet® Q3 toilet seat which makes it slam-free and easy to clean. I had an easy time installing it since the flap remains intact the whole time while one is working.

Some people complain that the price is a bit steep and that the warranty could be extended, but I look at the value that comes with a purchase. For the years I have been installing these units, I haven’t met a client (okay, maybe two) who has needed to replace parts or claim their warranties in years. So, yes, Kohler Santa Rosa is expensive, but it is good value for money.

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The Good

  • The seat is comfortable since it is standard chair height.
  • The advanced flush technology saves you half the amount of water you would typically use.
  • It’s one-piece. The tank and bowl are beautifully integrated making it easy to install and clean too.
  • Its standard 12-in Rough-In Size is a one-size fits all kind of situation. When installing, you will not have to make any special alterations in your space to fit this piece.
  • It’s esthetically pleasing.

The Not-so-Good

    • Because of its extremely low water usage, it makes a gurgle gulp noise whenever you flush, mostly as the plunger works its magic.
    • Some complain about water running periodically and the tank not filling to capacity, but the manufacturer is always quick to respond.

If I could change anything…

If I could change one thing, it would be the flush lever. I find buttons better for esthetics and also longer-lasting as they are not subjected to the constant movement that comes with a lever. Otherwise, this piece is great value for money. Find out more Best Toilets available in the market.

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