Toto Neorest 700H Review

Toto Neorest 700H ReviewAs a professional plumber, I can tell you that your toilet of choice will make a huge difference. Some toilets are most comfortable than others. However, it is also about quality. A cheaper toilet will last a few years before it starts having problems. I speak with clients each and every day and most of them complain about their toilet for one reason or another. It either doesn’t flush completely with one push of the switch or it fills too long. I recently ran across the Toto Neorest 700H Dual Flush Toilet. It is costly, but it is one of the best toilets I have ever encountered. You’ll find out why below.

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ImageProduct DetailsPriceMy Ratings
TOTO Neorest 700H$$$$9/10
TOTO Neorest 550$$$$8/10
TOTO MS990CGR-12$$$$7/10
TOTO Neorest 550H$$$$8/10

Toto Neorest 700H Review

The Toto Neorest 700H is one of the top models of Toto. I will explain it by defining it’s features.

Hands-Free Automatic Flush

I have seen some nasty toilets in my day. Consumers do not seem to understand how incredibly nasty their toilet’s switch really is. To avoid catching a cold or another illness from a family member or friend, I do recommend investing in a toilet without a switch. This is where the Toto knocks it out of the park. This toilet is equipped with a hands-free automatic flush system. Once you’ve finished your business and step away from the toilet, it’ll flush for you automatically. This can make a huge difference. It makes your life easier and keeps your healthy.

Soft Close Seat

Another great thing about this toilet is the soft close seat. There is a good chance that you’ve accidentally slammed your toilet’s lid down too hard. If you were unlucky, you probably broke the seat or the toilet itself. This is far more common than you could ever imagine. In fact, I am constantly changing toilets for clients for this very reason. This is another major perk associated with the Toto. This toilet is equipped with a Soft Close Seat. The seat will close on its own with a little push. It closes slowly to prevent damage.

Operates With A Remote Control

To give users full control with superior convenience, the Toto Toilet is operated via a remote control. In addition to this, the remote is equipped with an illuminated touchpad. This feature will allow you to utilize the remote in low light conditions or total darkness.

There are several buttons, including an oscillating, pulsating, pressure, position and dryer. Users can also control the wash cycle via the remote. Each button is labeled with large black letters to ensure visibility.

Unique One-Piece Design

Unlike traditional toilets, the Toto has a one-piece design. This design eliminates an external water tank, giving your entire bathroom a more modern look. The greatest benefit of this design is it is compact. This basically means that the toilet will comfortably fit into a small bathroom.

Heated Seat

In all of my days as a plumber, I have seen some cool stuff. Nevertheless, the Toto Neorest 700H Toilet really takes the cake! Why? Well, this toilet is equipped with a heated seat. Don’t you just hate having to sit on a cold toilet seat during the winter? It definitely isn’t comfortable or fun. This is why you should invest in the Neorest 700H. This heater seat will keep you comfortable throughout the winter. Plus, it contains a temperature control mechanism. You can set the temperature to what you prefer to ensure that you’re comfortable at all times.

Excellent Warranty

I strongly recommend that my clients obtain a warranty for their toilet. This is definitely the case when they’re investing in a very expensive toilet. This is another great thing about the Toto. It comes with a three-year limited warranty when used in residential settings. If the toilet is going to be used in a commercial setting, it is covered for one year. This is definitely generous. The company is really on top of their game and they’re happy to abide by their warranty and help the consumer.

Take Advantage Of The Oscillating And Pulsating Features

Regardless, if you are a plumber or a homeowner with a mid-sized family, there is nothing worse than dealing with a dirty toilet. Sure, you can wash out the bowl and brim on a daily basis with cleaners and scrub brushes, but does this really get all the waste? In most cases, it doesn’t. It can be extremely difficult to get all the waste that hides up under to brim of the toilet, and that is why the Toto Neorest 1.0 is designed to eliminate this problem with the flushing system. When you actually flush the toilet it utilizes oscillating and pulsating features that keep the bowl and brim clean for longer periods of time.

When you combine this with the ion-barrier surface, you can easily see that this is one amazing toilet that pretty much cleanses itself. This is not only good for maintenance purposes, but it makes the toilet one of the most hygienic available on the open market.

Suitable For All Ages

Potty training children can be an extremely difficult task. Even as we grow older it might be harder and harder to utilize some toilets due to their tall and obtrusive designs. Fortunately, that is something that you will never have to worry about when you invest in the Toto Neorest 1.0. Thanks to the toilet’s innovative design it doesn’t matter if you are potty training or living with a senior that suffers from limited mobility, this toilet will be suitable for everyone.

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Notable Specifications

  • 1 GPF water consumption
  • Siphon Jet flushing
  • Gorgeous, contemporary style
  • Protected by a 3-year warranty for residential use
  • Features automatic flushing
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Heated Seat
  • Ion barrier surface ensures the blow remains cleaner longer
  • Soft Close seat is convenient

Overall Assessment

At the end of the day, it is true that the Toto MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest 700H Toilet isn’t going to be right for everyone. Nevertheless, it will be perfect for those that can afford it. This toilet is absolutely amazing. I would really recommend it to anyone who can afford it. It’ll provide you with maximum luxury and comfort, while you do your business.

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