Resolving ‘Poop Stuck in Toilet’: Your Complete Guide to Unclogging

Summary in three points

  • The first part of the text explains why toilets get clogged and how to recognize a clogged toilet.
  • The second part provides methods to unclog a toilet with poop in it, including using a plunger, toilet brush, metal wire hanger, soap solution, hot water and dish soap, water bottle pressure, and commercial chemicals.
  • The third part suggests alternative methods using natural solutions such as baking soda and vinegar, Coca-Cola, and shampoo. It also includes prevention measures and when to seek professional help.



How do you clear a poop blockage in a toilet?

To clear a clogged toilet, you can try using a combination of dish soap and hot water. Start by pouring hot water into the toilet bowl and observe if the blockage starts to move. If it doesn’t, you can mix some dish soap with the hot water and pour the mixture down the toilet. The dish soap will help to loosen the blockage and create a smooth surface, making it easier for the blockage to be cleared.

Can a hard stool clog a toilet?

When a child is constipated, their bowel movements can become hard, dry, and difficult to pass. In some cases, the stools can be so large that they may even clog the toilet. Another condition that can occur as a result of constipation is called encopresis, which involves the leakage of soft or liquid feces from the rectum.

Why won’t my poop flush down the toilet?

When it comes to why stool sometimes doesn’t flush, doctors explain that it depends on its density. If the stool is denser than water, it will usually sink. However, if there is an excessive amount of fat, fiber, or gas in the stool, it can float and be more difficult to flush. So, the composition of the stool affects its ability to be flushed away.

What is the strongest thing to unclog a toilet?

According to experts, Drano Max Gel is widely regarded as the top choice for drain cleaning due to its fast-acting formula that effectively eliminates stubborn clogs. This highly reliable and efficient cleaner is formulated as a thick gel, allowing it to penetrate deep into sinks, pipes, and drains to effectively target and dissolve the root cause of the clog.

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